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2 The Jim Corbett National Park lies in the Nainital, Garwhal and Binjore districts of Uttaranchal. Covering an area of 1318.54 sq. km. Jim Corbett is actually forming the CORE area and the rest is Sonandi Wildlife Sanctury. The Core region is safely bound by the Kanda Ridge. Corbett was a hunter and fishing enthusiast in early life but later it witnessed the passion for photography. It is the oldest park in India established in 1936. Initially in 1947 the park was named as Ramganga National Park but later was changed to Jim Corbett Park in memory of the famous hunter and naturalist JIM CORBETT. No hunting is allowed as the park is home to the endangered species of Tigers, called The Bengal Tigers. The survival of this endangered species is the main project of Indian Wildlife Safaris. The Park houses around a total of 488 different species of plants and over 585 species of migratory and others birds. Though the place is famous for Bengal Tigers but they are not spotted easily due to the thick and lush green forests. These forests are densely populated in the deep core areas with huge trees and even sunlight hardly reaches in these dense parts. The next mostly viewed specie is that of the leopards. They are generally found in hilly areas but may also be spotted in low land jungles. Besides this there is wide range of Deer’s, Black Buck, Bears, Boars etc….. Night safaris are the main attraction for tourists and these safaris are held everyday in peak season. The nightlife in the jungles is active as well. If one is lucky enough they can spot few wild animals and maybe also the Bengal Tiger. Many birds can also be heard during the night which includes the Owls and Nightjars. In the summer time one can spot elephants in large herds. The best season to visit in summers is April-June and in winters from November-January. Hotels and Resorts at Jim Corbett National Park Picture Gallery:

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