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Nainital is situated in the state of Uttaranchal at an altitude of 1938 meters above sea level. It is set in a valley which is surrounded by high snow peaked mountains.

The view from the hilltop is really nice and breathe taking. The whole valley can be viewed covered with lush green meadows and rivers flowing. Also one can enjoy the scene of ridges whish are basically the dense green forests.

Nainital was named after the famous lake called the Naini lake which means eye, of sati Parvati fell here. The area around here was once called ‘CHAKTA’ i.e. the land of 60 lakes. The distance from Delhi to Nainital is 320 km and the best way to go there is by road by the moradabad hapur bypass. Besides this one can also take the rail route upto Kathgodam and then via road to nainital.

There are many places to visit in nainital besides it being a peaceful and green valley.

Naini lake
The Naini Lake is the most important landmark of this valley. The main activity of the lake is the boat ride. A yachting festival is also held every year in the month of October and is wonderful to watch. The whole lake is lit up with burning torches.

Naina Devi
At one end of the lake is the Naina Devi temple, dedicated to goddess Naina. The devotees ask for grant of their wishes by tying a bell at the temple, so the place is studded with bells of all colors and sizes.

The Mall
Large varieties of things are available for shopping at the mall which includes handicrafts, wollens, decorative wax candles which is a speciality here. These come in various colors and shapes and sizes.One can also take a horse ride on the mall and for exploring the adjoining areas.

The Ropeway
The ropeway is also one of the main attractions of the station. It takes you up at a height of 2270m at the Snow View Point. From here one can have a view of the snow capped mountains around Nainital including the Naina Devi peak. There are other snow view points as well such as the Laria Kanta, China Peak, and Camel’s Peak etc. The Tiffin Top is a beautiful picnic place for a day spends.

Hanumangarh temple, St. John’s Church, the State Observatory, Sanjay Park, a botanical garden and Gufa Mahadev close to Sepoydhara are other places one can have a look at.

Hotels and Resorts at Nainital:

Nainital Luxury Hotels:

  1. Naini Retreat – Nainital.
  2. Manu Maharani – Nainital.

Nainital Deluxe Hotels:

  1. Arif Castle – Nainital.
  2. Fairhavens – Nainital.
  3. Hotel Elphinstone – Nainital.
  4. Hotel Vikram Vintage – Nainital.
  5. Hotel Alka – Nainital.
  6. Hotel Classic The Mall – Nainital.
  7. Hotel Himalaya – Nainital.
  8. Hotel New Pavilion – Nainital.

Nainital Budget Hotels:

  1. James Cooks Cabins – Nainital.

Hotels and Resorts Near Nainital:


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